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‘How to’? Create an Artificial Flower Arrangement

Artificial flowers will add long-lasting beauty and elegance to your home. They are perfect for a table centrepiece, brightening up a dark corner, or for freshening up a guest room. Create your own artificial flower arrangement using this step-by-step guide.

Choosing your flowers and foliage

Choose a selection of blending flowers. If possible, use flowers that are in season together to make them look more realistic (e.g., Summer flowers – Lavender, Grasses, Delphiniums, Daisies, Iris, Roses).

Use a mixture of shapes and textures if possible and ideally:

  • A main flower e.g. singled headed rose/sun flower
  • Filler flower e.g., small, multiple headed like hypericum or wax flower
  • Foliage

Using a selection of foliage will cut down on the number of flowers required and give a more natural look.

Top tip: it is always best to use flowers in quantities of 1, 3, 5, and 7 as it’s easier to space flowers.

Creating your own arrangement

Select your flowers and foliage – try to use the same tonal range of colours such as reds, yellows, oranges or pinks, purples, and blues.

Add the foliage to your vase first. Cut the stems with wire cutters making sure that they are the correct height to create the right shape. The height and width of the foliage are very important – the taller the foliage, the wider the arrangement.  The foliage shape is the backbone of the whole arrangement.

Add the largest flowers next and place them evenly and slightly proud of the foliage. Follow with the filler flowers.

Rotate the arrangement to check there are no gaps to fill.

Top tip: whilst they don’t need the level of care that living plants require, they still need regular cleaning. Use a dry paint brush or a hair dryer (on a low setting) to remove dust.


Top tip: To avoid fading, keep artificial flowers out of the full sun.

Need some advice? Our team can help you choose flowers that blend well together – Please don’t hesitate to ask on your next visit!

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