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Composting at home

It’s great to get out in the garden whether you’re mowing, cutting back trees or planting. There is always going to be garden waste that you want to get out of your garden.

Here are some handy options for getting rid of green waste when you don’t have a ready-made composter at home.

  • Dig a hole and fill it with green waste, then cover over with soil and let it rot down.
  • Create a compost heap – old bits of wood or tin can be used to keep the compost from spreading out too far and some old carpet or flat wood can be used to cover it (not essential, just speeds things up).
  • Cut grass can be used as a mulch around trees and shrubs.
  • Think about leaving some areas of your lawn unmown, or use a longer cut than normal. This will help wildlife and create less green waste.
  • Make a pile of sticks and leaves in a hidden corner of the garden – they’ll make a great hiding place for creepy crawlies.

Top tips if you are creating a compost heap:

  • To speed up composting you can add urine (yes really) which has nitrogen in so will help break down woody material. No need if you are happy to wait a bit longer.
  • Alternate layers of brown and green material for a good balance. Brown includes cardboard, wood chips, newspaper, leaves, straw and plants that have died back. Green is uncooked fruit and veg waste, weeds (without seeds), cut grass etc.
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