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Celebrating our favourite ‘ever-Greenery’ plants!

Throughout spring, the displays around our centre have been inspired by Pantone’s top ten collection of seasonal shades, and in particular, Pantone’s colour of the year, which so happens to be ‘Greenery’, a perfect choice for us!

Greenery is symbolic of nature, and we are so lucky to have such an abundance of amazing evergreen plants that not only provide a rich, lush green all year through, but who’s architectural qualities and diverse foliage shape provide structure and interest to any space.

Here is a collection of our favourite evergreen plants that are suitable for a range of situations, including deep shade!

  • Trachycarpus fortunei “Chinese Windmill Palm” – Wonderful architectural palm for a tropical feel. Perfect in full-sun but will also tolerate part-shade. One of the hardiest palms for the UK climate (will withstand severe winters down to -15!)
Trachycarpus fortunei "Chinese windmill palm"

Trachycarpus fortunei “Chinese windmill palm”

  • Olea europaea “Olive” – Olive trees will give you pleasure year round and are so versatile. They make brilliant container plants and look stunning in pairs flanking a doorway and adorned with fairy lights at Christmas. They look equally attractive in the ground and left to grow into a bushy tree. Mature plants have the added benefit of being drought tolerant and require very little pruning.
Olea europaea "Olive"

Olea europaea “Olive”

  • Buxus Sempervirens “Common Box” – Another versatile plant that’s up there with the best of the evergreens. Box thrives in full-sun and shade and makes wonderful formal hedging but can also be left for a bushier appearance. They are one of the best container plants, and look great planted up on their own or under-planted with seasonal bedding. Available in a range of shapes from balls, to cones to spirals, they look stylish either side of a doorway or planted on the corners and edges of borders to accentuate any planting scheme.
Buxus sempervirens "Box"

Buxus sempervirens “Box”

  • Ferns – Hardy, low maintenance and great in a tricky shady position. Ferns are so varied in leaf shape, size and colour from deeps greens to grey-silvery shades. They complement a huge variety of shade loving perennials and add texture and movement when planted alongside other evergreens like box and hostas.
Polystichum munitum "Western Sword Fern"

Polystichum munitum “Western Sword Fern”

  • Hostas – Not officially ‘evergreen’, as often Hosta leaves will die down in winter, but as they are such a beautiful lush green plant, we felt they couldn’t be left off our favourites list! Hostas are brilliant for a shady position in moist soil and they come in a wide range of sizes, leaf shapes and shades of green, including variegated varieties!
Hosta 'Wide Brim' and Hosta 'Plantain Lily'

Hosta ‘Wide Brim’ and Hosta ‘Plantain Lily’

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