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‘How to’? Care for your Orchids

Orchids are easy to care for if you follow a few easy steps.

Where possible, use rainwater as orchids love it! Water once a week in spring and summer, and less often in autumn and winter. Generally if the roots look pale and silver, and there is no condensation, it probably needs a drink. Soak the bark and leave to drain. They don’t like to stand in water. Some of the orchid pot covers hold the plant above a water reservoir to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Where possible, in winter months, stand in a south-facing window. In the summer months, stand away from direct sunlight.

Orchids should be re-potted every 2-3 years and the best time to re-pot is March to October. Choose a pot which is big enough to allow for another 3 years growth. You might like to put it in a clear pot which replicates the conditions they get in the wild. Always use a bark mix which is specially designed for orchids.

Orchid re-potting

How to re-pot your orchid

How can I get my orchid to re-flower?
After your orchid flowers, count 2 nodes down from the last flower, cut above the second node and it should re-flower from that point. If it doesn’t, or has gone a long spell without flowering, try placing it in a cooler spot for 3/4 weeks and then bring back into a warmer spot.

We recommend feeding once a week whilst they are flowering. Use a feed designed specifically for orchids like the Orchid Myst or Orchid Focus Ultra which will encourage them to flower.


Water weekly in spring and summer

Water weekly in spring and summer


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