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‘How to’? Plant a bulb lasagne for a bold display in spring

Planting a ‘Bulb Lasagne’ of spring flowering bulbs at this time of the year will deliver impact and colour to even the smallest of areas in spring. By layering bulbs (that flower at different times) in containers, it is possible to create a display that will continue all season long. Choose bulbs of different heights for maximum effect.

Popular combinations include Dwarf Iris or Crocus with Narcissus ‘Tete and Tete’ and Tulips. Or why not try Iris, Hyacinths and Tulips.

Follow these easy steps to create your bulb lasagne:

  • 1. Choose a container – the larger the better as you can fit more bulbs in each layer
  • 2. Add a layer of gravel across the bottom of your container for added drainage
  • Layer up bulbs with compost

    Layer up bulbs with compost – Copyright Gap Photos 2018

  • 3. Add a thick layer of compost – Levington seed & cutting compost is ideal for planting bulbs in containers as it a soil-based compost that contains lower levels of fertiliser
  • 4. Plant the latest flowering bulbs first and cover with a layer of soil
  • Layered bulb container. Container cut in half

    Layered bulb container

  • 5. Continue layering your bulbs by their required depth, moving to the earliest in the top layer
  • 6. Remember to water in and place your container somewhere sheltered from hard frosts
  • Multi Layered Bulb container with Muscari arm

    Multi layered bulb container with Muscari, Hyacinth & Tulips

7. Inspect your container from time to time to make sure your compost stays moist but not waterlogged and watch out for any pest damage.

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