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‘How to’? Create a stunning autumn/winter container

It’s time to look ahead and plant up your containers or hanging baskets for autumn and winter displays. Planting up your baskets with a fresh display now will allow them plenty of time to establish before the really cold weather sets in!

In order to create a container that will last till next spring you will need to select plants with plenty of colour and interest.

Autumn winter hanging baskets

Plants used for a long lasting display will include compact specimens of conifers, ornamental grasses, evergreen shrubs as well as bedding plants.

As well as providing colourful foliage, evergreen shrubs and conifers are ideal for providing some height at the centre of your hanging basket. Grasses such as Carex ‘Jenneke’ or Festuca glauca can be tucked into any available gap for some added colour and texture while bedding plants and trailing ivy can provide interest at the base and disguise the edges.

We currently have a wide range of small compact shrubs and conifers in stock that are perfect for adding structure and evergreen colour to your hanging basket and can be planted out into the garden next year when you choose to replant for summer. Ideal shrubs to consider include Euonymus, Hebe, Skimmia, Choisya and Cupressus ‘Wilma Goldcrest’.


Amongst our bedding plants you will find a wide range of plants that are ideal for your containers including pansies, violas, primula, polyanthus, wallflowers and cyclamen.  These can all be used to fill your container with plenty of colour and ensure there are still plenty of flowers on show throughout the darker months when little else is of interest.

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