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5 Garden fixes after heavy rain!

Well, the weather has been very British in the last 24 hours so we thought it would be good to give you our top tips on what to do in your garden after heavy rain!

Watch for flooding

During long periods of heavy rain, you may see patches of your garden that is just not draining properly.  As the weather has been changeable the land may have become compact – insert a fork to the area to remove compaction.

If plants are allowed to stand in water for any length of time there is a chance this could lead to rot.  Try and find ways to drain pockets of water away – you can use a bucket for larger areas or just an empty water bottle.  If your garden is completely submerged – consider (when it has eventually drained away) installing a drainage solution like a rock bed which will enhance your landscape and protect natural waterways.

Examine plants

Heavy rains and thunderstorms can cause plant damage.  If only a few leaves have been damaged remove them and stake plants that have bent over from the force of the rain.

Staked Vegetable Patch

Sadly, those plants where the stem has snapped it is likely that this flower stem will be lost.

rain damaged pot for top tips (2)

Remember to check the base of the plants to see if soil erosion has exposed roots.  Add fresh soil or compost as exposed roots can dry out which will seriously harm or kill your plant.

Replenish the nutrients

Rain can carry away much needed nutrients for your vegetable plants.  After heavy rain we would suggest you add compost or organic fertiliser to your soil to give your veggie plants a feed.

We have a great range of compost and fertilisers.

Empty wheelbarrows and other pots in the garden

Stagnant water can encourage pests and if the weather is still warm then it will become a haven for mosquitoes

Make the most of it

Weeds can become very prolific during rainy weather and choke your plants and vegetables.  While the ground is soft, get outside and pull out those weeds. In a dry year our Clay soil can be hard to plant in as it becomes dry and solid.  This year, with all this rain, there is still time to plant up your borders to bring on the colour this summer.




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