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It’s the perfect time to entertain alfresco!

Summer is most definitely here, and it’s the perfect opportunity for some alfresco entertaining! In our furniture department this season, we are featuring Morocco as part of our ‘holiday at home’ theme – be inspired by our other holiday themes throughout the store.

Whatever your theme, why not accessorize your outside space with plants in brightly coloured pots and lanterns as well as citronella candles to keep the pests at bay.


The furniture featured in our Mexican display is Hartman Madison – available as a dining set, bistro set or duet depending on the size of your space and how many people you like to entertain.


We also have a selection of firepits and chimeneas, perfect if you want to stay outside once the sun has gone down. Fire pits are a great way to create extra heat and encourages people to gather round. Chimeneas are more suited to smaller terraces, where they can be placed in a corner as a feature.


Or why not try out a Swedish Eco Torch? These are perfect for parties (or as campfires) and give both light and concentrated heat for up to 1.5 hours.


We also have plenty of accessories to get you party-ready…


So whether you have a small terrace or patio or a large country garden, we have lots of alfresco entertaining ideas to transform your outdoor space so you can enjoy special times with your friends and family this Summer!

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