The Essex Wildlife Trust – 30 Days Wild Campaign

Throughout June, the Essex Wildlife Trust will once again be running their ’30 Days Wild’ nature campaign, which challenges people to connect with the wildlife around them and do something wild every day for a whole month!

This can be anything from stopping to smell a flower, taking a moment to observe birds in the garden, a walk in the woodland, or something bigger like building a bug hotel, creating a half-barrel pond for your garden, and/or planting pollinator friendly plants.

Honey Bees gathering pollen from Sedum. GAP Photos 2019.

30 Days Wild is about doing a little bit of good for wildlife and reaping the mental and physical health benefits of being outdoors more day to day. Share your ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ using #30DaysWild.

At Perrywood we are passionate about nature and wildlife, and in support of this important campaign, we have collaborated with the Essex Wildlife Trust to produce a guide on ‘How To – Attract Wildlife’. Here you will find a number of ideas to help and encourage wildlife to thrive in your garden.

Join us in-store on Friday 31st May when the Essex Wildlife Trust will be promoting their 30 Days Wild campaign in our till area, this is a great opportunity to find out more and receive further advice about the wildlife in our region.