It’s your chance to create your dream garden!

Back in March we launched our unique ‘Garden Advice Service’ to help novice gardeners and new homeowners create their dream garden (but anyone is welcome to book).


One of our gardening experts provides a one-to-one session, advising how to prepare your garden and recommends the best plants for your preferred style, soil type and aspect. You receive individually tailored advice, allowing you to choose the right plants and create your ideal garden.


We introduced the service after the plant area team observed that although plant displays inspired many of our customers, their limited knowledge meant they were still unsure how to start creating their own. They recognised that customers would benefit from dedicated time with an expert so they can ask multiple questions.


For example, a participant recently requested advice on creating a shady garden.


“We were having problems trying to find the right shrubs/perennials for this part of the garden as it in shade most of the day. We booked a gardening advice session to get some help. The plants we chose have been in for approximately 6 weeks and we’re really pleased with the progress so far.”




More customer feedback confirms that our service has been top-rated so far:


“We learned so much, and the lady taking us through the plants was incredibly knowledgeable and patient!”


“I received some really helpful advice. My garden now looks amazing; it’s like being on holiday. Once established, the drought tolerant plants I chose will be low maintenance through the drier months.”




Our Plant Area Manager Tanya, says, “We enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping customers to choose the best plants for their garden projects. We love helping Essex homeowners to get more plants in their lives and hope they will send us some pictures as their dream gardens blossom and grow.”


You can book a Garden Advice session via Sessions are usually available twice daily at 10am and 3pm, six days a week. The service is free, with a fully redeemable £5 fee to secure a space.