What measures have you put in place to ensure customers and employees are safe?

We have stringent social distancing measures in place, and will be asking all team members and customers to adhere to them.

We are only taking card payment (no cash)

If you are making a purchase you must take a trolley from the lower car park and use the sanitising equipment that is available. This is to ensure the packing and payment process at the tills maintains safe social distancing, and encourages social distancing between you and other customers/our team. (Baskets are not available)

We have introduced a one-way system, and other yellow information signs and floor stickers

We are restricting the number of customers allowed in the garden centre at one time. You may be required to queue if that number is reached.

You can see more info and pictures here. 

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours remain as normal 8:30 to 17:00 Monday to Saturday and 10:00 to 16:00 Sunday.

Is the Coffee Shop and Restaurant open?

Our Coffee Shop & Restaurant is now open from 9am-2.30pm, Monday to Saturday (9.30am-2.30pm on Sundays).

Tables must be booked in advance for lunch service (11.30am-2.30pm) and weekend breakfast (9.30am-11am). Please book a table at www.perrywood.co.uk/dining

On Monday to Friday we welcome visitors for breakfast or morning coffee and cake without a booking (9am-11am). Over the weekend you must book in advance.

Please use our online table booking tool.  Please do not call to book a table unless you are having difficulties.

We are focusing our efforts on team and customer safety – as well as ensuring that everyone has a great experience. This is similar to the approach we took in reopening the garden centre, which worked really well.

Please read our dining FAQ’s

What about takeaway?

We are offering a takeaway service which is located inside by the barbecue area. This is open 9am until 4pm (Monday to Saturday) and 9.30am until 3.30pm (Sunday).

You can purchase cakes, scones, biscuits, crisps and cold drinks.

Cash is not accepted and contactless card payment is preferred.

What about your Coffee Shop in Sudbury?

The Perrywood Sudbury Coffee Shop will open again in mid-August.

Are the customer toilets open?

Yes our customer toilets are now open.

How long will I have to queue at the entrance?

Sometimes it may be necessary to queue before entering the Garden Centre. This is because we are restricting the number of customers to keep everyone social distanced. Most often the wait time is less than 15 minutes. In order to avoid a longer queue we advise that you visit during the week.

There may also be a queue at the till as we have less tills open than normal due to social distancing. This generally moves through quickly most of the time. We have one long queue and you can stand 2m apart.

Are all products normally stocked available to purchase?

Yes, all our departments are open (except the Coffee Shop and Restaurant which will reopen on 6th July, we currently have a takeaway service).

We have a Compost Drive-Thru in the car park for those only needing compost, bark, grit etc. Full lists of what’s available can be found on our news page.

How can I find out if you have something specific in stock before I visit?

We are sorry we are currently unable to answer plant and product queries at the moment, with the exception of garden furniture and BBQs – you can email your questions directly to orders@perrywood.co.uk.


We have seen a huge increase in enquiries about what we stock, and this has proved very difficult to manage whilst we are also socially distancing in the workplace and working in challenging circumstances. Many of our office team is having to work from home for example. We want to make our teams’ lives as easy as we can and whilst you may only have a simple enquiry, when you add up all the simple enquiries suddenly it becomes a huge task which has become unmanageable. We know it is frustrating, because we all understandably want to limit our trips out at the moment. We’d love to be able to offer this service, and hope to be able to do so again in the future.

What are we likely to be low on stock of?

Some brands of compost, bark, gravel etc because suppliers are struggling to keep up with increased demand, but you can check the Compost drive-thru website for more information which we try and keep up to date when we can.

Some Hozelock products including sprinklers Turf – sells out very quickly Calor Gas – sells out very quickly. Other areas may be out of stock for parts of the day, because we can’t access the aisles to stock them up whilst customers are there.

We have plenty of plants! We have fantastic stock of plants, and have a stock holding area with plenty more shrubs, acers, roses etc.

Our plant production nursery feeds us the Perrywood Grown bedding plants and vegetables, so there is always something to buy – even if it not your first choice.

What payment methods can I use?

We are not accepting cash. Card payments are fine, contactless has a £45 limit. Apple Pay and Android pay have £200 limits.

We are accepting vouchers – both Perrywood and National Garden Gift Tokens

Are you able to help carry items to my car?

Car carries will still be available if they can be done safely. Two person lifts of heavy items will not always be available. We do have some two person teams (who live together) but these pairs will not always be on hand to help. Please do not take items half way and then ask us to help.

How does the drive through compost pick up work?

Compost is now sold from the car park, no need to get out of your car. Please follow the signs to the compost pick up area and pay there. The compost will be loaded straight into your car. Please see our news page for the full information.

Am I able to bring back unwanted or faulty goods?

Yes we have a customer service desk in our Clothing department, where you can do exchanges or refunds. Please follow the signs in the garden centre.

Are you offering a delivery service?

We will be operating our normal delivery service for bulky items, but delivery is likely to take longer than normal, and we may not be able to give you an estimated delivery date.

Please refer to our Delivery Map for delivery zones and prices.

Our local delivery service will not be returning. Unfortunately the logistics do not work now that we are reopen. For example, we were dispatching orders from the shop whilst we were closed. Combine these issues with needing the team members for other roles and it means it is unfortunately just not feasible.

Do you guarantee plants purchased from Perrywood?

Yes we have a Perrywood Hardy Plant Guarantee, we guarantee the free replacement, or credit, of any container-grown, hardy plant that dies, providing it has received reasonable care, bears our garden centre labelling and is presented for examination with proof of purchase within one year. We cannot guarantee against damage due to severe weather conditions.

Is the site accessible for the disabled, or infirm?

Yes. The site is very accessible, with wheelchairs on loan for use on flat wide paths. Please ask a member of the team for a wheelchair, as they are not out to pick up as they are normally.

Do you allow dogs on site?

No I’m afraid we don’t allow dogs, with the exception of service/assistance dogs.

Do you sell and redeem gift vouchers?

Yes, we sell and redeem our own Perrywood Gift Vouchers as well as the HTA Gift Cards. (Paper National Garden Gift Vouchers are still redeemable and available on request)

Do you have concessions and franchises?

No, we only sell plants and products which are sourced by us. We feel this gives us the edge over other centres as we can maintain high standards and offer value for money on all we sell.

Do you have a loyalty scheme or a pensioner's day?

No, because we like to offer all our customers the best prices rather than just for the select few. Everyone who visits can take advantage of our great value, high quality plants and products.

What don't you sell?

Here are some products we have been asked for recently that we don’t sell; hot tubs, sheds & fencing, railway sleepers, children’s garden play equipment (e.g. swings, trampolines) or play houses.